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The netYAK™ service:

" netYAK is the e-commerce equivalent to the
1-800 phone service used in traditional sales "

  • netYAK will bridge calls from multimedia personal computers (PC’s) to standard telephones, via the Internet, using netYAK gateway servers.
  • The netYAK service is a must for e-commerce, business-to-business, and customer service applications.
  • Use this innovative technology to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and the Internet’s value to your business by placing the netYAK "Call Button" icon on your web site.
  • You don’t want to spend on more technology – and with your existing telephone and a netYAK enabled web site, you don’t need to.  You will be ready to respond to the web visitor exactly the same as a 1-800 inquiry.
  • Do you own a cell phone? - Then the netYAK pricing plan will hold no secrets for you, just a choice of monthly subscriptions starting at only $19.95 USD.
  • By the way, your potential customers who click on the netYAK icon on your web site will be offered a quick software download – free of charge of course.
  • Just as your web site has opened your global reach, the netYAK icon can now make your telephone available to this expanded audience.


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Have questions about netYAK or simply want to learn more about the service?  Visit our General Information FAQ for answers to some common netYAK questions, or go to the netYAK Support page for more information on netYAK.

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