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Here you can find support information for netYAK.  We recommend that you read this page before you use the netYAK Voice Client, especially if this is the first time you will be using your computer microphone. See our Microphone Help page for detailed help with PC microphones.

netYAK Requirements
1. Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

Notice: If you have an early 95 version, you may see an "Error Starting Program" message that reads "A required .DLL file, WS2_32.DLL, was not found."  If so, please download the Windows Socket 2 Update.

2. 200 MHz processor
3. 1 MB free disk space
4. 16 MB memory
5. Full duplex soundcard, speakers and a microphone
6. 28.8 KBPS modem (24 kbps Internet connection with TCP/IP enabled)

What to Expect/Before you Start
Read the What to Expect page to see what you can expect from your netYAK softphone call, and ways to improve the quality of the call before you use netYAK for the first time.

How to choose a microphone Need help choosing a microphone, or just confused about all the microphone options out there? Click here for our guide to choosing the right microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions
The YAKbites FAQ addresses the questions about our newest netYAK addition, YAKbites™ (click here to learn more about YAKbites).

The netYAK General Information FAQ provides questions and answers about the netYAK service, how it works, and how it compares to other internet telephony services.

The How to Use netYAK FAQ answers some of the most common netYAK usage questions, such as "How do I place a call?" and "How do I hang up a call?"

The netYAK Troubleshooter will help you troubleshoot and fix problems you may encounter when using netYAK, such as what to do if you can hear but the party on the other line can't hear you.

Have a question or a problem you don't see addressed? Click to send an e-mail to our Support staff now at!

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