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As veterans and folks who have spent their fair share of time overseas, we remember the difficulties of staying in touch with our families and loved ones - the hardship of being separated by many time zones.

So, to show our appreciation for all service members and their families, we are offering a free one year license to the netYAK™ Voice Client software. There is no cost or obligation other than a valid email address to receive the netYAK license key. Click here to receive your free license now.

The netYAK Voice Client software, a quick download, allows you to record and play an unlimited number of voice messages that can be sent to anyone via email. The small voice file size lets you send up to a 5 minute recording in 300 kbytes or less. Small enough to be delivered by any email service, even the free ones.

Have you ever:

  • wanted to put some emotion in an e-mail?

  • spent 10 minutes typing a 20 second message?

  • hear your loved one's voice when making a phone call is impractical?

  • tried to leave the same voice mail for 5 or more people?

Now you can - with a netYAK sound bite called a YAKbite™!  A YAKbite is a highly compressed recording that you can insert into ANY electronic document, including voice email (vemail), instant messages, & audio blogs. Smaller voice files mean faster uploads and downloads - even over dial-up connections!

Get your Free License & Download Now!

Feature Description netYAK
Voice Client


Play & Record "Audio Postcard" Yes!
Play any length YAKbite* recording Yes!
Attach YAKbites to any electronic document Yes!
Unlimited number of recordings Yes!
Quick download (2 mins. @ 56K !) Yes!
Easy installation Yes!
YAKbite record time limit** 300 seconds
(5 minutes)
One year free upgrades Yes!
Premium technical support Yes!
Easy, safe & secure online payment Yes!
(Free for service members and families)
(Limited time)
Download Now!

For more information email info@netyak.com

Minimum Requirements:
1. Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
1. (special notice for early Windows 95 users)
2. 90 MHz processor
3. 1 MB free disk space
4. 16 MB memory
5. Full duplex soundcard, speakers and a microphone
6. E-mail account access if sending YAKbites by e-mail

Want to say more? Download the free netYAK Gold Edition for service members and their families and get up to 300 seconds (5 minutes) of YAKbite recording time! Click here to download!

*A YAKbite is a highly compressed digital sound bite
** Contact us about longer recording times at info@netyak.com


  YAKbites - voice email & perfect for blogging!

Try it - free!

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